Nutrition Resources

For more information and resources on nutrition education and assistance visit:

  • MyPlate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides nutritional information for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.
    • Use the MyPlate Plan for a personalized plan on what to eat, how much to eat and the benefits of a healthy diet during and after pregnancy. Other services offered is the MyPlate Kitchen for a variety nutritional of recipes in English and Spanish.
  • Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program is a food assistance program improve the health of nutritionally at- risk women, infant and children. WIC provides services that include nutritious foods, nutrition information, breastfeeding support, healthcare referrals, and community program information.
  • Spend Smart. Eat Smart from Iowa State University helps to plan, shop and cook your meals when on a tight budget

For information on how your medication might affect you and your baby through pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • LactMed is a drugs and lactation database with information on medicine and how it might affect you or your baby through breast milk. All information and data are derived from scientific literature and peer reviewed.