Abuse and Pregnancy

Abuse can come in any shape or form and is often a way your partner extends their power and control over you. The most common is emotional, psychological and physical, sexual abuse from a partner or spouse. There are also other forms of abuse that are not as widely talked about that can include financial abuse, digital abuse, or reproductive coercion.

Different Forms of Abuse

Emotional and Verbal Abuse includes:

  • Blaming you for their abusive behaviors
  • Isolating you from your family, friends and close people in your life
  • Name calling, and insulting you
  • Making you feel guilty

Psychological Abuse includes:

  • Controlling your actions and what you wear
  • Stalking with or without your knowledge
  • Forced isolation from family and friends
  • Insisting on attending check-ups to conceal abuse

Physical Abuse includes:

  • Shaking, pushing, kicking, choking or physical restraint
  • Destroying your belongings
  • Harming your children or pets
  • Use weapons against you
  • Prevent you from taking prenatal vitamins or going to your visits

Sexual Abuse includes:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Forced sex without contraception
  • Any unwanted forced or sexual activity

Financial Abuse includes:

  • Restricting access to your accounts or money that you earned
  • Stealing money from you, family or friends
  • Living in your home but refusing to contribute

Digital Abuse includes:

  • Using social media to track your activities
  • Constantly looking through you to check up on you with and without you knowing

Triggers of abuse during pregnancy 

  • It’s important to note that the victim is not to blame for any abuse or violence. During pregnancy there have been identified triggers that can start or continue the abuse and/or violence. Triggers can include:
    • Unplanned pregnancy
    • Stress due to financial burdens to support the baby or mother
    • Jealousy that from attention shift from the partner to the baby