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Workplace Safety

Depending on your workplace, it can affect your safety during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause many biological and physical changes. For instance, changes in metabolism can increase absorption of chemicals, protective equipment might not fit correctly, changes in immune system can increase risk of illness due to workplace hazards.

Hazards at work 

  • Chemicals are one of many hazards that can affect your reproductive health. Other exposures include:
    • Radiation
    • Loud noise
    • Working long hours, or irregular work schedules
    • Lifting, bending, standing

Protecting Yourself 

  • Ask questions at your workplace about any hazards you are concerned about.
  • Protect yourself during work by using protective equipment and following safety practices
  • Talk to your doctor about the kind of work you do and if it raises any concerns.

Protecting your Baby 

  • Talk to your doctor about the chemicals you work with and whether it can affect the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Avoid exposing family and your home. Chemicals can stick onto the floor and furniture that your baby might touch and be exposed to.
  • The CDC’s Reproductive Health and the Workplace gives information on how the workplace can be a hazardous place for a pregnant person. It also includes a list of common jobs that to be aware of and a list of specific exposures found in workspaces.